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as of April, 2017

Japan Internal Combustion Engine Federation (JICEF)

JICEF, Japan Internal Combustion Engine Federation, is the Secretariat of Japanese National Committee (JNC) for CIMAC, International Council on Combustion Engines, and also the Secretariat of JICESC, Japan Internal Combustion Engine Standard Committee for ISO, which consists of JNCs for ISO/TC70 (Technical Committee on Internal Combustion Engines in ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ISO/TC192 (Technical Committee on Gas Turbines in ISO).

JICEF was founded by the funds from the first 13 member bodies in 1954, when the purpose of this organization was to establish Japanese National Member Association for participation in CIMAC and then to set up the Secretariat of NMA for CIMAC. The first member bodies consisted of the Association Groups for engine manufacturers and engine users as well as key engineering societies.

Thereafter, JICEF has been expanded to have 66 member bodies, as of April, 2017, which consists of 19 Association Group members for manufacturers and users, including engineering societies, and 47 Corporate members which are manufacturer and user for engines, parts and equipments, and by the funds of these member bodies, JICEF is opera

History and Outline of JICEF

1. Japanese National Member Association ( NMA ) for CIMAC

Principal Activities of JICEF
JICEF sends CIMAC Executive Board member and Japanese CIMAC Council Members to each of Board Meetings and Council Meetings, and always supports activities of CIMAC.

On CIMAC Congresses, in the 3rd CIMAC Congress in The Hague 1955, Japanese members presented their first papers, and then successively in every CIMAC Congress up to the most recent 24th CIMAC Congress in Kyoto 2004, Japanese members presented many papers and were appreciated their presentations.

For activities of CIMAC Working Groups, JICEF sends always actively Japanese experts to each meeting of Working Groups, and also, in Japan, has our own Japanese National Working Groups corresponding to each CIMAC WG.
For the purposes of drafting and reviewing of ISO standards and sending experts to ISO meetings on internal combustion engines, JICESC has been established permanently in JICEF, in which JNC for ISO/TC70 and JNC for ISO/TC192 are organized, and also, as necessary, National Committees for Drafting JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) on internal combustion engines are set up.

In 1969, at the same time of reorganization in ISO/TC70, Japan participated in the new ISO/TC70 as a P- Member and JICEF has become the Secretariat of JNC for ISO/TC70 on reciprocating internal combustion engines and gas turbines, under guidance of METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, that is the Secretariat of Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) for ISO as well as JIS.

Thereafter, in 1988, ISO/TC192 on gas turbines was separated from ISO/TC70 and became an independent Technical Committee in ISO, and then JNC for ISO/TC192 was newly established in JICESC.

JNCs for ISO/TC70 and ISO/TC192 consist of members in manufacturers and users and neutral experts, and are very active for investigations and reviews of Technical matters submitted by each of Technical Committees as well as their Sub-Committees and Working Groups.

In addition, JICEF also becomes the Secretariat of National Committees for Drafting JIS, corresponding to ISO on reciprocating internal combustion engines and gas turbines, as such projects are required.
3. Publicity of information on internal combustion engines
For publicity of information on internal combustion engines to the members and others, JICEF is publishing "information of the JICEF, as JICEF Bulletin in Japanese, two or three times a year, and has the JICEF Seminar, usually within one day, two or three times a year, in which wide range of matters from management to engineering matters are discussed between manufacturers, between users, and between users, and between manufacturers and users, including neutral experts.

JICEF shall keep perform very active and important roles for communications, co-ordination of opinions for common interests, promotion of mutual friendship etc. among manufacturers, users and neutral experts on reciprocating internal combustion engines and gas turbines.

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