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CIMACのテクニカルデータベース(過去のCIMAC大会論文やCIMAC Recommendationなど)は、CIMAC会員(日本の場合は、日内連会員)であれば、無償で閲覧・ダウンロードできます。閲覧には、ユーザ名とパスワードが必要ですので、CIMAC本部へ、直接、パスワード等の申請をしてください。(申請方法など、ご不明な点がありましたら、日内連事務局・上原までお問合せ下さい。)
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《WG2 Classification Societies》
Proposal towards IACS Machinery Panel - Implementation of new or revised UR
Proposal towards IACS Machinery Panel - Delivery of EIAPP Certificates
Proposal towards IACS MAchinery Panel - Attendance at Type Approval Tests (TAT)
Statement towards IACS Machinery Panel on the use of Aluminium and -alloys in Engine Rooms Category "A" (Nov. 2012)
Proposal towards IACS Machinery Panel on piping tightness ofpipe connections (Nov. 2012)
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《WG4 Crankshaft Rules》
IACS UR M53, Appendix III (proposal by CIMAC WG4 29.06.2009)
IACS UR M53, Appendix IV (proposal by CIMAC WG4, 16.10.2009)
IACS UR M53, Appendix V (proposal by CIMAC WG4, 3rd December, 2010)
IACS UR M53, Appendix VI (porposal by CIMAC WG4, 11th May 2012)
CIMAC WG4 "Crankshaft Rules"神戸国際会議(2012年10月)報告
《WG5 Exhaust Emissions Control》
BAE SYSTEMS-Guide to EXhasut Emission Control Options
Comments to the Environmental Protection Agency CFR Part 1042
Ref.: Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2003-0190
Position of the CIMAC WG 5 Exhaust Emissions Control about "Requirements for Prime Mover Technique Specific Emission Limits Stationay Reciprocating Engine Plant" Update February 02, 2010
Background Information on Black Carbon Emissions from Large Marine and Stationary Diesel Engines - Definition, Measurement Methods, Emission Factors and Abatement Technologies(January 2012)
Emission Calculation Check Guide - IMO Nos Technical Code 2008 (2012)
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《WG7 Heavy Fuel》 
CIMAC EPA CARB Statement oct 2004
Fuel Quality guide - Ignition and Combustion (2011)
CIMAC Survey on Ignition & Combustion Issues with Heavy Fuel Oil (December 2012)
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《WG14 Unified Rules for Vibration Analysis and Measurement》
Final report CIMAC WG 14
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《WG17 Gas Engines》
Position paper About the influence of Ambient Conditions on Efficiency and Emissions of Gas Engines
Position paper Information about the use of LNG as Engine Fuel
Position paper Information about the Influence on Nox Emissions of Ammonia in the Fuel Gas
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